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Exploration for the Future

Electric Vehicles need 3-4x more copper than fuel-based cars

Exploration for innovation

Smart technologies are increasing the need for copper

Exploration for a greener world

Copper is an essential component in green energy

Exploration for a green economy

Green copper demand is positioned to surge over the coming decade


Targeting gold-enriched copper deposits.

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Pacific Empire Minerals Corp. is a Canadian-based mineral exploration company advancing its flagship Trident Copper-Gold-Silver porphyry project in north-central British Columbia.

Our focus is discovery, through systematic, responsible exploration.

Pacific Empire’s foundation is its technical strength and experience in early-stage exploration for copper-gold deposits.

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Seeking to meet the demands for responsible copper with a low carbon, low cost advantage.

The global economy is in the early stages of a long-term shift towards electrification and renewables which will require increasing amounts of copper to support.

British Columbia’s ability to produce “Green Copper” using hydroelectric power and its proximity to the end market is a distinct advantage.

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Abundance of low cost, low carbon, hydroelectric power.
Proximity to ports reduces emissions from transporting to market.
Responsible Management Team. Access to skilled labour.


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Portfolio of gold-enriched copper projects in a resurgent copper market.

  • Advancing its flagship Trident Copper-Gold Project in a proven mining district.
  • Partner-funded exploration at Pinnacle Porphyry Project.
  • Potential for multiple discoveries on multiple projects

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