Weedon Property


The Weedon Property is an early exploration stage porphyry copper-gold prospect that is accessible by vehicle and is close to infrastructure. Significant historical exploration aimed at outlining porphyry copper-gold targets yielded intriuging results, outlining several large targets on the property. Due to unknown overburden thicknesses, exploration targets were not drilled despite repeated recommendations to do so. Pacific Empire has mapped overburden thickness on the property through passive seismic surveys, thereby determining an average thickness of 35 - 45 metres.

The 2,630 hectare property is underlain by basaltic to andesitic volcanic flows and tuffs of the Late Triassic to Early Jurassic Takla group, locally intruded by at least one Early Cretaceous felsic stock. The property has very little outcrop exposure, which has impeded geological mapping programs. Where limited outcrop does exist, strongly pyrite-chlorite +- sericite alteration persists, suggesting that the IP chargeability data is essentially mapping sulphides.

A-h horizon geochemical sampling completed in 2010 and 2011 by Teck Resources delineated several porphyry copper-gold targets, coincident with large geophysical features characteristic of porphyry systems. A single drill hole was attempted in 2007, but was abandoned due to drilling complications at 30 metres while still in overburden. Passive seismic surveys completed by PEMC in 2019 deduced that overburden thickness in 40 metres at the 2007 drill site and therefore well within the capabilities of PEMC's reverse circulation drill.


Widespread chlorite-sericite alteration persists within the roughly east-west striking IP chargeability corridor, where exposure exists. Epidote-carbonate veins have been observed in several road cut exposure, distal to the target areas.

Strong pyrite mineralization persists within the roughly east-west striking IP chargeability corridor, where exposure exists. There is no exposure in the immediate vicinity of the geochemical and geophysical targets.

Exploration Targets

T1 Priority Target

  • 1.5 x 1 km IP chargeability high
  • 1 km diameter conductivity high
  • 1.3 x 1 km magnetic high
  • 500 m diameter Cu-Au-Mo A-h soil geochemical anomaly

Three additional target areas have been identified on the property within the structural corridor characterized by high IP chargeability responses. All target areas can be tested from existing logging roads.

Work History

Cominco (1990)

  • Induced Polarization (chargeability & resistivity)
  • Magnetics
  • Geochemistry
  • Recommendation: Drill test T1 target

Geoinformatics (2007)

  • Induced Polarization (chargeability & resistivity)
  • Magnetics
  • T1 target drilled but failed to reach bedrock and target depth

Teck Resources (2011)

  • Induced Polarization (chargeability & resistivity) - 60 sq km
  • Ah soil geochemistry & orientation survey
  • Recommendation: Drill test T1 target

Target T1 remains untested and is within range of PEMC RC drill !

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