Bulkley Initiative


The Bulkley Initiative consists of three properties totaling 5,070 hectares. All three properties are in central British Columbia and are accessible via gravel logging roads.

The properties were staked to cover intriguing airborne magnetic signatures with coincident anomalous copper-molybdenum-gold geochemistry. Historical data will be compiled and targets developed for first-pass exploration programs in 2018. As laterally extensive glacial overburden exists on the properties, they are ideally suited for RC drilling.

Bulkley Property

The 2,396 hectare Bulkley Property is located approximately 35 km to the northeast of Houston. Two target areas exhibiting ovate magnetic signatures interpreted as magnetite destruction, a common characteristic of porphyry copper+/-gold hydrothermal systems, exist on the property. One such target area is coincident with anomalous copper-molybdenum soil geochemistry over an area of 800 x 3500 m.

Bull's Eye Property

The 822 hectare Bull’s Eye Property is located approximately 46 km to the northeast of Houston. The geophysical target on the property consists of a “bull’s-eye” magnetic high anomaly surrounded by a donut-shaped magnetic low. The bull’s eye magnetic signature is hypothesized as corresponding to magnetite destructive phyllic alteration surrounding magnetic potassic alteration.

Wasp Property

The 1,853 hectare Wasp Property is located approximately 43 km to the northeast of Smithers and 75 km to the north of Houston. The target area is characterized as a roughly 500 m diameter magnetic high anomaly with coincident IP chargeability responses. Historical drilling on the property in 1968 by Mastodon-Highland Bell Mines Limited, consisting of 2 diamond drill holes totaling 228 m, encountered pyrite and traces of chalcopyrite in porphyry and hornfelsic fragmental volcanic rock (Minister of Mines Annual Report 1968, page 132).

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